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Concert Sound Reinforcement Systems

A sound reinforcement system is the combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience. In some situations, a sound reinforcement system is also used to enhance the sound of the sources on the stage, as opposed to simply amplifying the sources unaltered. A sound reinforcement system may be very complex, including hundreds of microphones, complex mixing and signal processing systems, tens of thousands of watts of amplification, and multiple loudspeaker arrays, all overseen by a team of audio engineers and technicians. On the other hand, a sound reinforcement system can be as simple as a small PA system in a coffeehouse, consisting of a single microphone connected to a self-powered 100-watt loudspeaker system. In both cases, these systems reinforce sound to make it louder or distribute it to a wider audience.




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Need a DJ, Sound System, or Band call Mujaahid Entertainment Service for all of your professional entertainment needs.
(847) 690-1532 
DJ Sound System
Disc Jockey

A disc jockey, also known as DJ (or deejay), is a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. Originally, disk referred to phonograph records, while disc referred to the Compact Disc, and has become the more common spelling. Today, the term includes all forms of music playback, no matter the source.

There are several types of disc jockeys. Radio DJs introduce and play music that is broadcast on AM, FM, shortwave, digital, or internet radio stations. Club DJs select and play music in bars, nightclubs, discothèques, at raves, or even in a stadium. Hip hop disc jockeys select and play music using multiple turntables, often to back up one or more MCs, and they may also do turntable scratching to create percussive sounds. In reggae, the disc jockey (deejay) is a vocalist who raps, "toasts", or chats over pre-recorded rhythm tracks while the individual choosing and playing them is referred to as a selector.[1] Mobile DJs travel with portable sound systems and play recorded music at a variety of events.

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  is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (and/or a music video) using a microphone and public address system. The music is typically a well-known pop song minus the lead vocal. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol or changing color and/or music video images, to guide the singer. In some countries, a karaoke box is called a KTV. Due to its English pronunciation, it is sometimes incorrectly spelled "kareoke". It is also a term used by recording engineers translated as "empty track" meaning there is no vocal track.
Used Instruments & Equipment
For Sale
Musical Instruments and Sound Equipment

70s Korg Poly Ensemble S Pe2000 K5 Vintage Synthesizer

 This is Korg’s second production synthesizer and truely prehistoric when it comes to synthesizers. This was Korg’s attempt to get full polyphony in a synthesizer. It has three oscillators per voice and sounds. The PE-2000 was a professional synthesizer when it came out in the 70?s and was widely used by the pioneers of 70?s electronic music.
Latin Percussion
LP Conga Set

LP LP552X Classic Tumbadora 

(Video: Basic of Playing)    

LP Matador Conga

(Video: Drum Head Mounting) 


 LP M750S Matador Wood Quinto
(Video: Making A Conga Shell)


African Djembe Drum

(Video: Tune a Djembe)


Latin Percussion brand instruments are the finest available in the world. No one can match LP's reputation for quality through uniqueness in design with authenticity in sound. LP brand products are made for professional percussionists and drummers who demand the highest quality available.

Every detail of the design and construction of Latin Percussion congas is the result of collaboration with the world's greatest designers, musicians and craftsmen.


 Crown Micro-Tech 600 Rack Mount 2-Channel 600W Power Amplifier MT600

Crown's first touring workhorse, the Micro-Tech Series, delivers industry standard performance and reliability. 

Able to drive low-impedance loads with ease, Micro-Tech amplifiers feature three separate power supplies for exceptional reliability and impressive power ratings. Our patented ODEP circuitry keeps the amplifier working long after others would quit. Grounded bridge circuitry doubles the available voltage without placing output transistors in stressful configurations like other more conventional amplifiers. The unique forced-air cooling system makes certain heat is dissipated quickly and evenly. As a result, you get maximum performance without the threat of damage to the amplifier or other system components.

FTC Continuous Average Power from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with No More than 0.1% THD:

Micro-Tech 600: 600 watts into 8 ohms, 885 watts into 4 ohms.


Gemini Preamp Mixer
Gemini Preamp mixer PMX-2001 DJ sound board w/equalization 2 mics, 2 phonos, 5 lines, tone control, base treble, cross fader, reverb, delay, rack mountable

Furman TX-4 Stereo 3 Way/5 Way Crossover

Accoustic 880 12 Level Mixer w/Equilizer & Reverb
880 mixer is a studio quality item, way ahead of its time as far as design and features, even in todays high tech environment. The original suggested list price in 1977 of the 880 mixer was a very healthy $ 2799.00

Bose 450 Model 1801 Stereo Amplifier
Power output: 250 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
Frequency response: 15Hz to 20kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%
Input sensitivity: 1.5V
Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
Speaker load impedance: 4Ω (minimum)
Dimensions: 7-3/16 x 18 x 18-1/2 inches
Weight: 82lbs

Rane GE27 Graphic Equalizer EQ Single Channel Ge-27
The GE 27, a single Channel, 27-band, 1/3-octave version. Housed in two rack-space units, these equalizers feature long throw, high resolution slide controls on each band, ensuring good resolution over its extended boost/cut range of +12dB to -15dB.
The active filter sections are of the constant bandwidth (constant-Q) variety. The bandwidth of each individual filter is guaranteed to be narrow enough to prevent unwarranted interaction between filters, yet wide enough to produce exactly the type of correction curve demanded by even the most unusual acoustic surroundings. This differs dramatically from conventional designs of the past encumbered with the unfortunate characteristic of changing bandwidth with changing boost/cut amounts.
Front panel controls and indicators include an overall LEVEL control for each Channel as well as Signal present and Overload indicators. The rear of the unit provides ¼" TipRing-Sleeve connectors for Inputs and Outputs. The Inputs are fully actively balanced: the tip is the positive input, the ring negative and the sleeve is signal ground. Unbalanced sources may be connected to the GE series through the use of either 'mono' ¼" connectors or by tying the ring to the sleeve on TRS type plugs. The outputs are active unbalanced. 

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 Sound Systems

This is a 3-way sterio 5-way mono professional Electro-Voice Sentry IV-B concert Sound System, including: regular price, special price, length of offer, and packages including this product.
Product price 15,000.00 or special offer $5,000.00
All prices can change without notice and are open for negotiation


Peavey Solo Portable PA

(Please note: Power supply not included )

Battery powered PA.This unit represents the ultimate in a compact, complete and portable powered P.A. System. With its ability to use both AC power or batteries, the Solo can be used for both indoor and outdoor PA requirements. Its size and weight make it easy to carry and use. There are many places where you need amplification, and it's just not practical to load or unload a lot of equipment. With the Solo, you have a ready-made P.A. system that you can carry like an attache' case and still get great sound no matter where you are.

 Peavey Musician 400 series

 Unveiled at the 1969 NAMM show in Chicago, the SVT head alone weighed 95 lbs and contained fourteen tubes, six of which were massive 6146 power tubes. To heat all those tubes, massive transformers with magnetic fields powerful enough to cause genetic mutations were necessary. 300-watt all-tube phantasmagoria they called the Super Vacuum Tube—or SVT,
Ampeg “SVT 810AV Bass Cabinet.”
With eight ten-inch speakers weighing 105 lbs The Infinite Baffle design of these sealed enclosures produces vast amounts of tightly focused bass.

 Tosh PA8250-P 8 Channel P.A. System: 250 Watts @ 4 Ohms, hi and lo impedance inputs, built in accutronics reverb, 9 band graphic equalizer, effects loop

Royce 5 Piece Drum Set


AKG D 112   


ATM 41c    


Shure BG 3.0

Dynamic Microphone


(3) Shure SM57  

      Shure SM58 

Rapco DB-100 Passive Direct Box


Plug your Hi-Z line input into your amplifier and Lo-Z system at the same time. Includes jack for ground lift.


 RAPCO S16x4-100

(2) Gemini Direct-Drive Manual Turntables
The XL-DD50 was one of the first Direct Drive turntables of Gemini. The introduction of the DD-50 came at the moment that DJ-ing became popular for the first time at the beginning of the 1990's.

Powerguard PG 2400 3000 Watt Portable Generator


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