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Roots Vibration Reggae Band Bio   


Upcoming Engagement
Tuesday, January 19, 2016 10:00 PM until 12:30 AM The Wild Hare 2610 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614 
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1990 - 1995 Roots Vibration Core Members

Winners of the January 25, 1992 Martin's International Corporation's 11th Annual Chicago Reggae Award

Most Culture Oriented Band of 1991.

 (Top left to right)Bass Guitar: Hiram Broyls III, Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar: Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Keyboards: Gilberto Shango Rios, Drum-set: Muntheru Shah (bottom left to right) Percussions: Daniel Hernandez, and Lead Guitar: Michael Ross

The original Roots Vibration Reggae Band
performing live at the Taste of Chicago on June 28, 1995
Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar; Valroy Dawkins, Vocal & Percussion; Hiram Broyls III, Bass Guitar; Michael Ross, Lead Guitar; Mervyn Belisle Jr, Keyboards, Muntheru Shah, Drum-Set

Business Description:
Live Traditional Roots Reggae Music

Feature attraction Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar player from Kingston, Jamaica is inspired by the Will of The Most High, JAH, Lord and Creator of the Heaven and Earth to deliver the message of Truth and the Divine Revelations in the spirit of the true Rastafarian. Tony Parnther is ROOTS VIBRATION!

On Bass Guitar and Background Vocal,
Hiram Broyls III.,
"Mystic Man" a native of Chicago establishes the hard core Reggae bottom that can be felt deep within ones soul. Hiram says, "I am of the ancient order of the Nya Binghi like Jesus, King David and Solomon, therefore; when I use my instrument I make it convey their "Rootical" messages in an X DUB FACTOR style JAH Know!"

Lead guitarist, Michael Ross from Evanston, Illinois exhibits virtuosity and style as he articulates intricate solos on the guitar. His rifs are clean and smooth with just the right touch of the Bluesy flavors that are characteristic in reggae music. Mike feels that Reggae is a remedy for the Blues.

Muntheru Saadiq Mujaahid Shah is the drummer and driving force behind the band. Born in Hope, Arkansas under his Christian family name Warner Raymond Bernard Shaw Jr., believes that the Will of Allah must prevail, and that no matter what you pursue in life you should remain focused on it's Divine Purpose.

Percussionist Ras Daniel Hernandez from Panama, Central America sings vocals, plays the Funde' drum, electric and acoustic Bass founded the Livity Nyahbinghi Choir to spread the message of Rastafari to all Jah people. He helps to maintain the positive spiritual balance in the heart and soul of Roots Vibration.

Gilberto "Shango" Rios Keyboard, Percussion, Vocals born in Hungry Hills, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Shango began his musical journey playing percussion at family gatherings. He further honed his skills while serving in the U.S. Military, freelancing in funk and jazz bands. Each note that he plays and sings is resonant with wisdom, compassion and culture. He demonstrates his commitment to love and truth both onstage, and off.

Established by Anthony Ezekiel Parnther in 1982 Evanston, Illinois USA

1986 - 1990 Roots Vibration 
Original Members
Winners of the January 25, 1990  Martin's International Corporation's 9th Annual Chicago Reggae Awards for "Best New Artist/Entertainers of 1989"


(Top Left to Right); Bass Guitar: Hiram Broyls III, Keyboards/Vocal: Kevin Giles, Lead Guitar/Vocal: Ron Simpson. (Bottom Left to Right):Drum Set: Muntheru SM Shah, Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar: TonyEzekiel Parnther.

Roots are the origin from which something is derived. The source of it's strength such as the vital essence that maintain the reality of it's existance. Jah, The Lord and Creator of the universe has revealed the way for human development.


 Roots Vibration
Reggae Band
 Roots n' Culture Revival

Anthony Ezekiel Parnther, Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar
Ramon Juda, Rap Vocal 
Muntheru Saadiq Mujaahid Shah Drum Set
Nick Saunders,Bass Guitar
Harry Grant, Keyboards & Vocal
James Dorty, Lead Guitar, Vocal
Michael Hampton, Percussion
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