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The EL-AMIN LIFE PRODUCTIONS' Support Team is composed of artist, businesses, corporations, civic organizations, and individuals interested in working together to produce a clean, safe, and productive environment for the growth and development of the cultural arts. A cultural Awareness Institution will insure the continued refinement of the socially acceptable talent of our future generations.

 “ A tree is known by the fruit it bears, but a man is known by his works”

Broadcast Music Inc. 

 BMI is an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music. The non-profit-making company, founded in 1939, collects license fees on behalf of those American creators it represents, as well as thousands of creators from around the world who chose BMI for representation in the United States. The license fees BMI collects for the "public performances" of its repertoire of more than 6.5 million compositions - including radio airplay, broadcast and cable television carriage, Internet and live and recorded performances by all other users of music - are then distributed as royalties to the writers, composers and copyright holders it represents.BMI Backgrounder


 In 1870, President Ulysses S. Grant signed a law that centralized in the Library of Congress the U.S. copyright registration and deposit system. The law required that two copies of every book, pamphlet, map, print, photograph and piece of music registered for copyright be deposited in the Library. Since the law was enacted, other media, such as films, audio recordings and digital materials, have become eligible for copyright registration.

Library of Congress 
ASCAP is a membership association of over 225,000 U.S. composers, songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers of every kind of music. Through agreements with affiliated international societies, ASCAP also represents hundreds of thousands of music creators worldwide. ASCAP is the only U.S. performing rights organization created and controlled by composers, songwriters and music publishers, with a Board of Directors elected by and from the membership.

ASCAP protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works. ASCAP's licensees encompass all who want to perform copyrighted music publicly. ASCAP makes giving and obtaining permission to perform music simple for both creators and users of music.


The National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.

Having now celebrated 47 years of musical excellence through the GRAMMY Awards, The Recording Academy continues its rich legacy and ongoing growth as the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the recording arts and supporting the music community. 

The GRAMMYs are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.

As we move ahead in an ever-changing music environment, The Recording Academy looks forward to the new opportunities of a growing organization. Over the last decade particularly, the Academy has expanded its goals from the important work of recognizing the best in music through the GRAMMY Awards to establishing itself as the preeminent arts advocacy and outreach organization in the country. The Academy's mission statement is simple, but represents the heart and soul of the organization's efforts: to positively impact the lives of musicians, industry members and our society at large. The Academy can be proud of its accomplishments on behalf of its constituency. Through the efforts of the volunteer leadership and the capable professional staff, the music community, music lovers and inheritors of America's great cultural legacy are reaping the benefit. - Overview



MPAFounded in 1895, the Music Publishers Association is the oldest music trade organization in the United States, fostering communication among publishers, dealers, music educators, and all ultimate users of music.

This non-profit association addresses itself to issues pertaining to every area of music publishing with an emphasis on the issues relevant to the publishers of print music for concert and educational purposes.

  The members of the Chicago Federation of Musicians are talented, professional musicians, working locally, nationally and around the world. The almost 3000 members of Local 10-208 strive for the highest levels of musicianship in their performances. The Chicago Federation of Musicians represents a wide variety of musicians including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago Orchestra, the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra, the musicians playing in the theater pits of Broadway shows and the musicians recording commercials and broadcasts.

   The CFM also represents the talented musicians who play corporate and private events, whose knowledge and experience is invaluable in making your event successful. The members of the Chicago Federation of Musicians perform all styles of music including Jazz, Classical, Latin, Folk, Blues, Reggae and more. To find the best in musical services for your event view the CFM Source. You will find soloists, ensembles and bands for whatever type of event you are planning. Or if you need arrangers, copyists or orchestrators they are also in the CFM Source. 




Antitrust Law
Restraint Of Trade 
Price Fixing

The Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, state governments and private parties who are sufficiently affected may all bring actions in the courts to enforce the antitrust laws. The scope of antitrust laws, and the degree to which they should interfere in an enterprise's freedom to conduct business, or to protect smaller businesses, communities and consumers, are strongly debated. One view, mostly closely associated with the "Chicago School of economics" suggests that antitrust laws should focus solely on the benefits to consumers and overall efficiency, while a broad range of legal and economic theory sees the role of antitrust laws as also controlling economic power in the public interest. (Read more...)

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