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 Roots Vibration
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Company history
Roots Vibration reggae band was conceived in Jamaica and founded by Anthony Ezekiel Parnther. Based in Evanston, IL from 1982 the band has evolved into a world class unit of highly talented performers dedicated to the deliverance of JAH message...Righteousness must STAND! 

Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar/Band Leader: Tony Parnther

Keyboards/Vocal: Gilberto Shango Rios

Drum-Set/Percussions /Vocal: Gregorio "Mandingo" Guadelupe

Keyboards (Alternate): Peter Boaterg

Engineer/Drum Set (Alternate): Tim Williams

Customer testimonials
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Percussions/Vocal/Drum-Set/Business Manager: Muntheru Shah

Bass Guitar/Vocal/Musical Director: Hiram Broyls III

Lead Guitar/Vocal/Keyboards: David S. Williams

Keyboard/Vocals (Alternate): Mervyn Belisle

Lead Guitar (Alternate): James Leconte