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Documentation text A5.
                        EL-AMIN LIFE PRODUCTIONS LTD.
                  Director: Muntheru Saadiq Mujaahid Shah
Code Name       : Project "Zumar"
Mandate         : Thursday, 11:00 A.M. January 20, 1983 AD
Classified      : 39:7;69,27.XXIV.
Status          : Social Engineering Schematic
All praise is due Allah, The Cherisher and Sustainer of creation, Lord of
all the worlds, Most Gracious, The Compassionate, Master of The Day of

 "O My People, work in your place
Surely I am a worker, so you will
come to know,...
Do you bid me serve others than
Allah, O'ye ignorant ones? And the
Earth beams with the light of it's
Lord, and the Book is laid down,
and the Prophets and the witnesses
are brought up, and Judgement is
and they are not wronged."
  This the Bilalian, "African American" Community is in crucial need of work on the highest level. The work for Moral Reform, Spiritual Upliftment, Economic Development, Environmental Improvement, Educational Excellence, and all around Human Achievement. However, the humble the efforts by many to construct a working system that would resurrect the life of our people has proven to be
inconclusive in rendering an effective solution for the complex problems that attack the very fiber of human evolution and procreation. It is now necessary to make bold, new, and daring advances in the arena of Human Sacrifice to over come the negative forces, influences, and stigma of a vicious degenerative cycle of self-destruction and moral decay. Our streets, parks, schools, businesses, and homes are not secure from the assault of crime and violence. If we as human beings are to survive we must understand that, there is only one solution and the one problem, Unity. Our community has been and is divided into many diverse factions each having it's
own ideology, philosophy, methodology, and agenda for confronting the various symptoms of the problem. Yet they all agree that there is a greater need for unity. Now if this is true let us examine the underlying reasons why the desired end result appears unattainable, so difficult, or simply impossible.
     A. Anthropological Root;
        1. Traditional African Tribal System
        2. Language Barriers, "Confounded Speech"
        3. Colonization, Exploitation, and Slavery
     B. Ethnocentric Relationship;
        1. Plantation Mentality, Racism, and hatred of Self or Own Kind
        2. Conditioned Stimulus  - Neurosis (Fear of the oppressor)
        3. Controlled Stimulus  - Paranoia (distrust of self or own kind)
     C. Systematic Socialization;
        1. Cultural Lag Phenomenon - Identity Complex, Alienation
        2. Cultural Shock, Behavioral Modification Technology, subliminal seduction, Artificial manipulation of humanism,
        3. Institutional Racism "The Safety Valve System"
           a. Religion         : Archdiocese, The Roman Catholic Church;
                                 False doctrine, Idolatry or worship of the
                                 oppressor. Paganism praying to objects as
                                 gods. Polytheism worship of many gods.
                                 Atheism, having no belief in a god while
                                 worshipping self or the creation.
           b. Capitalism       : To monopolize, control, and exploit the
                                 weakness of the masses. Ignorance of the
                                 masses, Limited knowledge of self, Creator
                                 creation and the enemy. Economic Slavery of
                                 Gross Materialism.
           c. Political        : Majority rule; Domination by deception,
                                 corruption and abuse of public trust. Census
                                 polarization and urbanization. Democracy,
                                 rule of the "crazy demon". Republic, entitle
                                 to vote, limit choice. Socialization
           d. Education        : Intelligence Potential quorum; Specialization
                                 Class System, disorientation miss education,
                                 Multi-Mass Media programming, Control propaganda, Caucasian mentality historical
                                 slant. Word distortion and manipulation the
                                 English language. westernization.
           e. Materialism      : Mass Production, Imperialism; domination of
                                 the Earth and its' Natural Resources,
                                 Artificially manufactured and synthesized
                                 merchandise, Usury, credit, debt,
                                 inaccessibility to means of production.
           f. Food             : Divinely Prohibited, abominable foods, fast
                                 food, junk food, devitalized foods.
                                 Malnutrition, Starvation, eating disorders,
                                 U.S.F.D.A. United States Food & Drug
                                 Administration; Distribution, labeling and
           g. Crime            : Organized Syndicated Crime; gang mentality
                                 Corruption, extortion, violence, murder,
                                 intimidation, Drug traffic, prostitution
                                 gambling; The criminal mind. Intimidation,
                                 control, and exploit. Pathological behavior
   Corporate prison-industrial complex 
           h. Genocide         : Genetic engineering, medical experimentation
                                 in eugenics; artificial insemination,
                                 cloning, birth control, sterilization, and
                                 abortion; castration, emasculation, homosex-
                                 uality, psychological manipulation. AMA
                                 American Medical Association.
           i. Ghettos          : Slum housing, Public housing institutions
                                 red line tactics of banking, insurance, and
                                 real estate. Building codes and regulations;
                                 abandoned buildings, speculation, arson and
                                 neglect. Alienation, isolation, and racial
                                 segregation. Poverty, homelessness, urban
           j. Employment: Minimum wage, unemployment, 
to be Continued...

Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

Our Mission
is to build a Cultural Institute in the city of Chicago, IL USA with Cultural Awareness Centers throughout the city and suburbs.

Our Vision is to uplift, inspire, motivate the disadvantaged and to develop, promote, encourage and support the social well being of our community.

Our Aim
is to help reduce, eliminate and prevent crime & violence by providing an alternative lifestyle through performing arts, educational seminars and  community action.

A mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person; its reason for existing; a written declaration of an organization's core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time.

Properly crafted mission statements (1) serve as filters to separate what is important from what is not, (2) clearly state which markets will be served and how, and (3) communicate a sense of intended direction to the entire organization. A mission is different from a vision in that the former is the cause and the latter is the effect; a mission is something to be accomplished whereas a vision is something to be pursued for that accomplishment. Also called company mission, corporate mission, or corporate purpose.[1]

The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. It provides "the framework or context within which the company's strategies are formulated." It is like a goal for what the company wants to do for the world.[2]

According to Bart Christopher,[3] the commercial mission statement consists of three essential components:

  1. Key market: Who is your target client or customer (generalize if needed)?
  2. Contribution: What product or service do you provide to that client?
  3. Distinction: What makes your product or service unique, so that the client would choose you?