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Juice Therapy highlights               
Raw Vegetable & Fruit Juices
Juice therapy is one of the widely used Naturopathy used in treating a number of diseases. Raw vegetables and fruit juices are highly beneficial in cleansing the body system and rejuvenating the body.  

Fresh fruit & vegetable juices have been shown to possess remarkable health-promoting properties and has been used for centuries by naturopaths to help treat a range of ailments. Lime juice was, for example, found to be an effective cure for scurvy in the sixteenth century and this saved thousands of sailors' lives on their long voyages around the world. In more recent times, scientists have identified the nutritional and biochemical properties of freshly-prepared fruit and vegetable juices which account for their use in helping treat so many health problems.

Raw Juice Therapy


Acme Juicerator Juice Extractor Model 5001
Retail Price: $325.00

•Professional juice extractor with 550-watt vibration-free induction motor
•Stainless-steel blade and centrifugal force separate juice from pulp
•Internal mechanisms made of commercial-quality stainless steel
•Polycarbonate housing; dishwasher-safe parts; instructions/recipes included
•Measures 9-1/4 by 9-1/4 by 12 inches; 5-year limited motor warranty   

Product details
Acme Supreme Juicerator Juicer Model 6001
 Retail Price: $420.00


The Acme 6001 Supreme Juicerator's inner basket spins 60 times per second, forcing the pure juice through thousands of tiny side openings, while the pulp adheres to the side for easy disposal. A starter package of Acme Juicer Filters are included with juicer, which reduce the amount of pulp in the juice and simplifies clean-up. Stainless steel bowl and lid. Stainless steel blade and strainer basket. Instruction booklet included. Ten-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Centrifugal Juicer

1/4 HP Induction Motor
3600 RPM
500 Watts
Stainless Steel Bowl with Stainless Steel Lid
Stainless Steel Blade
Stainless Steel Strainer Basket
Weight 15 pounds
Dimensions: 12 1/2" H x 10"
10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
UL Label
Made in the USA



However, it is important to note that by 'juice' we are not referring to those that are purchased in tins or cartons. Commercially prepared juices are often so processed that the nutritional content is largely lost and the healthy enzymes are killed by heat sterilisation. In fact, vitamins often have to be added to the juices. These commercial juices may make for a refreshing drink but they do not have the same health benefits as freshly squeezed juices made from a home juice extractor.


Freshly squeezed juices contain naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are far better than synthetic tablets. The nutrients are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and within ten minutes they are nourishing your body's cells.


Many people ask, 'Why can't I just eat fruits & vegetables?'. The reason is simple; solid foods have to go through the body's digestive tract and this can take several hours and requires a healthy digestive system. Juice, on the other hand, is assimilated and absorbed very quickly into the blood stream without taxing the digestive system. By juicing fruits and vegetables you lose only the fibre, but this means that a much higher quantity of nutrients is available in the juices. (read more)



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Green Juice for enzymes and vitamins for great health




Why is juicing the key to good health? Many research studies have concluded that drinking fresh juice daily can not only boost the immune system and fight disease, it can actually help one to look younger! Centrifugal, Pulp Ejecting and Gear Juicers all extract the precious vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Thus, utilizing nature's best source of nutrition, drinking fresh juice daily provides the body with more nutrition than any other food source. Give yourself the gift of good health, with an easy, delicious way to enjoy nutrition... Juicing!

NutriBullet Superfood Nutrition Extractor & Blender