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The Cultural Musicians Association as one of the programs that can be of benefit to the individual entertainer and the entertainment industry as a whole. By organizing musicians, as an autonomous unit the collective involvement will offer each member better opportunities, benefits, securities and protection.


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Where to go for Jazz in Chicago...


Neighborhood: Near Southside
67 E Cermak Rd
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 794-5904

Green Mill

4802 N Broadway Ave
Chicago, IL 60640



Andy's Jazz Club

11 E Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60611



The Jazz Showcase

(312) 360-0234


The Underground Wonder Bar



Close Up 2 or CU2
416 S. Clark
Chicago, IL 60605

Regal Theatre

1641 E 79th St,

Chicago, IL 60649-4901


M Lounge
1520 S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605-2900



1920 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 

(773) 348-7592 

JERRY'S WEST LOOP1045 W. Madison Street, Chicago IL 60607 312-563-1008
South Loop Lounge 11. W. 26th St Chicago IL 60616 312-225-7000

Master Dancer

 Blackburn has worked as a dance instructor at a number of institutions, including the Calumet Career Preparatory Academy, the Chicago Boys and Girls Club, the Goodman Theatre and Mostly Music, Inc. She has also served as choreographer for a number of productions, including "Benito Cereno" at the Goodman Theatre and "The Lion and the Jewel" at the University of Chicago. She has also been honored numerous times, including receiving the Outstanding Achievement in Dance award from Ladies of Distinction and the Alyo Award from the Muntu Theatre of Chicago.


Master Musician

(born in Mississippi in May 8, 1927) Phil Cohran is a jazz musician. He is known most for his trumpet contributions in the Sun Ra Arkestra in Chicago during 1959-1961 and for his involvement in the foundation of the AACM. His tenure in the Sun Ra Arkestra is documented on records such as Fate in a Pleasant Mood and Angels and Demons at Play. He also appears on the important rediscovered documentation of Chicago Arkestra performances on Music for Tomorrow's World. While most of Cohran's contributions were on trumpet, some also show his interest in stringed instruments such as zithers.

 When the Arkestra moved from Chicago, Cohran declined to accompany them. In 1965 he participated in the formation of the AACM. Cohran formed the Artistic Heritage Ensemble. By this time, he was playing the harp as well as cornet and percussion. On the Beach is an available recording which documents their music around 1967-68. 


Kelan Phil Cohran/sound. at the Schindler House

 Kelan Phil Cohran





 Master Poet

Margaret Taylor-Burroughs

Burroughs has a national reputation as a visual artist and as an arts organizer. Her long exhibition record as a painter and printmaker began in 1949 and has included exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad. A retrospective of her work was held in Chicago in 1984. As an organizer she has been associated with the founding and conduct of a number of arts organizations. (Read more)
The DuSable Museum of African American History



 Master Singer

Miriam Makeba

Known as "Mama Africa" and the "Empress of African Song", Makeba was the first black South African musician to gain international fame, winning renown in the United States in the 1950s with her sweeping vocals. (Read more)




In memory of the dearly departed members of our community who struggled so hard to keep the spirit of unity alive...

Oscar Brown III




Light Henry Huff

The Light Henry Huff Band





Honorable Mention

In recognition of the hard work dedication and effort put forth develop and maintain the Cultural Community in Chicago

Baba Hannibal Afrik 

Founding Elder of Shule Ya Watoto School



The Original Sun Drummers



Jazz References



 Internet Radio




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