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IV. Subjective Elements

Represent the official members of this Not for Profit Corporation. In this capacity these persons will be nominated to maintain the duties of their respective offices. As officers they shall be compensated monthly for their services upon appointment to office. Until there is an active fiscal budget all officers and directors shall receive monthly remuneration voucher that will be honored upon the establishment of the financial systems and payroll structure derived from the funding resources acquired from grant donations. An officer will be qualified for an annual salary of twenty-five thousand dollars. A director will be qualified for a fifty thousand dollar annual salary.

A. Guidelines:

1. Organizational Structure

The administration of the affairs of this corporation is vital to the achievement of its corporate objective. The Officers will be responsible for maintaining orderly procedure and organize operations in the various areas of development.

a. President

Shall function as the organizational spokesperson. In this capacity this officer will serve as the official Representative and Chief Administrator and will be the most visible personality (focal point) within this organization. The president must maintain the dignified image of moral acceptability, responsibility, accountability, credibility, and respectability. It will be necessarily mandatory that all public announcements, speeches, or interviews be addressed from the platform of prepared information issued from the Executive Staff, or a committee presiding on their behalf.

(1) Advisors

(2) Consultants

(3) Attorneys

(4) Officers

The President will be the head of Public Relations and Volunteer Services selecting Department Supervisors and Managers as the need arises.

b. Vice-President

Shall be the immediate successor to the President intervening in the event of the President's absences. Also as Chief Aid and Assistant, the Vice-President will advise and counsel the President on vital concerns of the organization. In the case of priority situations outside consultation may be obtained. Additional responsibilities include the mediation of internal affairs disputes, if there is an unresolved complaint, the Vice-President should appoint a grievance committee also appoint the Chairperson.

c. Secretary

Shall be the keeper of all secrets, classified information, personnel documents, and be solely responsible for the filling of data in a logical system, being prepared to submit such data upon proper requisition (Security clearance necessary for Coded items). In addition other duties include recording the minutes from each meeting, typing and copying reports. The Secretary will be the Head of the Administrations Department.

d. Treasurer

Shall be of trustworthy character and be required to submit a resume, have personal references, and have no criminal history. The Treasurer will assume the duties of establishing a reliable Accounting System, set up a Banking System, maintain the Payroll, meet the standard financial regulations and tax obligations of the corporation. Other duties include the analysis of and research of all financial proposals and projects for there feasibility.

e. KeyCoordinator

Shall be the key person whose responsibility is to establish and maintain a conduit or interface with the necessary funding resources available, and to connect them with the respective divisions within the organizational structure. This person must obtain priority clearance by unanimous Board of Directors decision.

f. Chairperson

Shall preside over the Board of Directors as the mediator to arbitrate and conduct orderly board meetings. The duty of the Chairperson is to assign the rules of protocol by which discussion may take place. What is a 'Chairman'
A chairman is an executive elected by a company's board of directors that is responsible for presiding over board or committee meetings. The chairman ensures that the meetings run smoothly and remain orderly, and works at achieving a consensus in board decisions. The position is different than that of the chief executive officer (CEO), and can be either a non-executive (part-time) or executive (full-time) position.

2. Internal Structure:

Represents the body of this organization that is necessary for the accomplishment of our corporate objectives. There will be various levels of operations having different departments to carry out the duties specified in the Corporate Operations Manuel. The broader scope of EL-AMIN LIFE PRODUCTIONS will be manifested through the inter-relations and associations developed from this structure. All members are required to pay their due. Dues and registration fees are merely a token of good faith. Then revenue from this collection shall be deposited into a separate corporate account for members only.

a. Chartered Membership

The Chartered Member is a person who joins in the initial stage of the establishment of this corporation, who sees and understands the purpose of this corporation, having abilities, qualifications, or determination needed to help perpetuate the success of our corporate agenda. Charter Members must pledge their voluntary support, contributing their time, expertise, and loyalty to become eligible for a compensatory position is this organization. New Charter Members may be initiated subsequently to perpetuate and maintain internal leadership in the course designed by the founders of this corporation.


Will be persons duly appointed by the founding Directors of record to serve a specified term wherein they shall be authorized to elect officers to conduct the executive affairs and govern the administrative tasks of the daily functions required by this corporation. The Board is not to exceed twelve members and cannot operate with less than six members four of which shall be the executive officers. The remaining two shall be the chairperson and the coordinator. The next six members shall control the following positions of responsibility:

1. Financial Director;

2. Promotional Director;

3. Program Director;

4. Productions Director;

5. Social Director;

6. Educational Director;

These directors, the officers, coordinator, chairperson, and their staff must be charter members.

c. General Membership;

Entry level that requires only a monetary pledge of

support. This makes that person eligible for voluntary

services. Persons unable to make a monetary pledge but

show sincere interest can receive status as Member At

Large and may be considered for voluntary service upon

review by the Social Director. There shall not be any

financial compensation paid by this corporation for work

done or service rendered by it's General Members; however,

citations may be awarded to members who perform

outstanding work or service toward the completion of our

corporate goal.

d. Associate Membership;

Secondary level that recognizes charitable concessions

made to this corporation helping or allowing it

to further its direction towards its stated purpose. The

Associate membership will be composed of Business owners,

Band leaders, and other professionals, who will be

authorized by El-Amin Life Productions to organize and

Conduct operations under the El-Amin Life Productions

Non Profit Corporate Status. This Organization will assume

The Name designated by El-Amin Life Productions:


Under this association it’s members will establish the

Necessary credentials to carry out the function for which

It is designed:

vAssumed Name of Business

vCommercial Checking Account

vBusiness Cards

vLetter Head Stationary


vOffice Location

The objective for this association is to provide a secure

Environment for the promotion of the cultural agenda.

1. Mutual Fund Investments

2. HMO Health Insurance Plan

3. Collective Buying

e. Honorary Membership;

Includes any and all public figures that offer their

Support. Also donors who contribute more than

five thousand dollars at a time. Any person not already a

member who exhibits outstanding humanitarian qualities

voted as "Caliph" or Humanitarian of the Year by the

El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute's membership.

B. Executive Voting Powers

·Each of the 4 Founding Directors shall have five votes that

will equal twenty-five Vote Share Points

·Each of the 6 Corporate Executive Officers shall have two votes equaling twenty Vote Share Points.

·Charter Members will have one vote that equals ten Vote Share


·A General Member will have one vote with one Vote Share Point.

·An Associate Member can maintain one vote possessing five Vote

Share Points.

·An Honorary Member can have one vote that equal twenty-five

Vote Share Points.