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 With The Name Allah
Most Gracious, The Compassionate,
Director: Muntheru Saadiq Mujaahid Shah
Economical Engineering Schematic System
Articles of Sound Economics

I. One Creator, one creation, one humanity.

II. No one person or people have the right to monopolize the natural resources of the Earth. These Blessings must be shared equitably by those willing and able to work collectively to acquire them. The protection of personal rights is incumbent upon every member of the society. The whole is equal to the sum of it's parts. We are each an interdependent element of the whole.

III. The responsibility of the strong is to protect the weak. The duty of the weak is to become strong. The obligation of all of humanity is charity. The act of giving to the poor, feeding the needy, and care for the elderly; and maintaining orphan children is a human necessity.

IV. Waste is the way to destruction. "Waste not want not". The efficient and economical usage of time, energy, and resources
carry their own reward.

V. Economics equals Masses times Communication to the second power. (E=mc)Energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared. (196,184mi.per sec.) Education equals mentality time concentration with the exponent of two.

VI. The most valuable resource on Planet Earth is the HUMAN BEING. And by the time Man has reached his most excellent potential of moral intelligence he will have learned the valuable lesson of procreation. "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth." Then we shall truly be free.

VII. On this Day of Judgement, when the Just Balance is established in full measure of the Projected Criterion of his Creator no ones Deeds shall escape it's due examination. The Names of The Righteous Servants of Allah are recorded on the pages of the Book of Deeds, and their reward is found listed clearly in the Book of Life.

VIII. The Materialistic Beast of diabolical devil (do evil) mentality, that uses the evil system of institutional racism and a wicked scheme of capitalistic principle to monopolize on and exploit the weakness of the masses is condemned to the agonizing fire of truth. "Let him who hath UNDERSTANDING count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred three score and six".

IX. Unity is the key that will make us free. A people divided against themselves can not possibly survive. The self-destructive acts that allow and perpetuate the distribution of intoxicants and illicit drugs, murder, crime, and violence into our community is not only a moral outrage but is indeed an act of war! For if we as a people are to survive and secure a future destiny for the generations yet to come it is
imperative that we make a unified stand for justice. Peace is the Will of the people and the law of the land. With peace we can move ahead together. Peace must be secured by strength. Unite in time with your own kind, the righteous servants of Allah.

X. Words make Man. Man means mind. The woman is the womb of mind. Money is the medium of exchange is but a monetary scale used to determine the productivity of a Man. Conversation is a mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas. Words have a psychological and neurological effect on man. Thus, to solve the many problems of life in this material world the accepted way that the common wealth of knowledge is conveyed is in the form of Notes. The government issues the notes which guarantees its barer the value on its face. Currency equals the value of relevant truths. The truth is abstract, therefore; we accept that the government will back the note with something of common value. Items of common value are in the form of commodities. The things that are of common necessity to consumers. The relative price of the commodities is determined by the cost of production. This is factored against the available natural resources that manifests the national gross product. The national debt is subtracted along with the cost of maintaining the government reveling the current rate of inflation. Gold is the standard of wealth. This standard is communicated on the commodities exchange daily. When the government cannot return the face value of it's Notes the note is inflated. A deficit exists when the government cannot meet the cost of maintaining itself. The cost of living is the index of relevancy. A true balance must be achieved for prosperity to prevail. When there is prosperity there is peace.

XI. Ecology of the Earth must be preserved what ever the cost. Man was Created to be the Crown of Creation. vice-regent on Earth thus, Genus: Homo, the only living of it's kind. And Species: Sapiens, full of knowledge. Human Being is the existence of Mind in a material body. Hu meaning Earth or Humus. Man meaning Mind or Manu, that which was Created in the likeness and image of the Creator. Man must inhabit Planet Earth and coexist peacefully with the diversity of other creatures and vegetation by his conservation of the natural environment, while reasonably satisfying the basic human needs.

XII. Within each mind is a world. worlds are formed by words. The word triggers and electrical chemical response in the brain. When The Creator created man, all that He said was, BE and man came into existance. The Creator fashioned the body of man from the dust of the earth. The He breathed of His Spirit up into the nostrils and Man became a living soul. The spirit of The Creator is the Essence of Life. That which gives life it's meaning, The Will of God revealed. Everything that was created has a purpose, or Ibaddat it's form of worship. It's way to carry out the Divine Will of The Creator. We first enter this plane (Planet) through the natural world by way of the essence. We gain strength from feeding on the natural things which develop our physical form. Then we must feed on the intellectual world. Everything created is a word from it's Creator. When the words that enter our minds are words of TRUTH our state of being is in reality, Waddat. There are four principles that constitute The Plane of Waddat.

A. La-illaha-il-Allah, Muhammadan Rasoullullah. There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
  1. LIGHT
B. HuWa-llah-il-ladhi-ula-illaha-la-illa-huWa Only Allah exists, nothing else except by the command Him. But if the words that enter our mind are false we form a world of an illusion. The Satanic devils (doers of evil) use lies and tricks to rule and dominate others. Weep not, "Behold the Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah, the Root of David hath prevailed to open the Book and loose the Seven Seals thereof". The wicked have only deceived themselves for their punishment is the Hell; theirs is a death in pain agony, and the prison of despair in this world and the world hereafter.
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