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  Osei David, Andrews Hutchinson, Baba Hannibal Tirus Afrik, Mzee Jamila Onyeali, Mzee Aminata Short, Mzee Kalanji Pates “Dr. Harold Pates”, Nana Akua Sarpong “President Zerrie D. Campbell”
Join us at DuSable Museum for our annual Kwanzaa Holiday Celebration. Kwanzaa is a 7 day celebration (December 26-January 1)

It's December 26. That means Christmas is over and Kwanzaa is just beginning. Kwanzaa is the seven-day African-American celebration of family, community and culture. Malcolm X College on Chicago's Near West Side has one of the largest Kwanzaa celebrations in the country. For the thirteenth year Malcolm X College on West Van Buren is hosting Seven Days of Kwanzaa. Through January 1, the college will be all about bringing African-Americans together to celebrate their heritage. Kwanzaa, by the way, is from a Swahili word which means first fruits. "It is a harvest festival, not of crops we have harvested, but of good deeds and good intentions and leadership we expect in the coming year," said Baba Hanibal Afrik, founding elder Shule Ya Watoto.


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Chicago African Culture Community
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Martin's Interculture 


 The mission of the International Reggae & World Music Awards(IRAWMA), established in 1982 acknowledges and honors the accomplishments and contributions of reggae and world music artists, including: songwriters, performers,


promoters and musicians. Produced by Martin’s International & Associates, the IRAWMA has been staged in many major cities including: Atlanta, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans, New York, as well as both Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The impetus behind the IRAWMA is it’s commitment to promoting greater participation and acceptance of Reggae, Caribbean and World Music, internationally.




 Dusable Museum


The DuSable Museum of African American History is the first museum of its type in the country and is the only major independent institution in Chicago established to preserve and interpret the historical experiences and achievements of African Americans.




The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians 


 The AACM may best be known for its leading-edge public concerts featuring some of the most accomplished, versatile and innovative musicians performing original creative music. The organization takes particular pride in developing new generations of talent through the free music training program conducted by members for city youth, the AACM School of Music.


 Ras Astor Black, President of the Jamaica Alliance Movement











Cultural Arts Community


South Shore Cultural Center


The Gem of the Southside

Affectionately called The Gem of The Southside, the South Shore Cultural Center opened its doors as a Chicago Park District facility in 1984. Having primarily served the Avalon, Chatham, Hyde Park, Woodlawn and South Shore communities, the Center presently serves the greater Chicago-land area with its innovative cultural programs and standing partnerships with arts organizations and providers, attractive grounds and historical architectural magnificence. (read more... )


African Dance



  Muntu Dance Theater


In the Bantu language, "muntu" means "The Essence of Humanity." It's what the Company seeks to express in their work and to touch in their audiences. Through its performances, Muntu strives to create an atmosphere of communal participation, encouraging and inspiring audiences and participants to join in the celebration!  


African Dance


Najwa Dance Corps


"A living archive of dance history", Najwa Dance Corps presents an exciting repertoire that spans the eras of the African-American heritage. Always entertaining, the company's performances showcase a breathtaking diversity of dance styles in a historical context. From the rituals of traditional Africa to the glamorous chorus girls of the swing era, Najwa Dance Corps brings joyous, fascinating life to the different cultures that have contributed to contemporary American dance.

 African Drum




 Drum Master Prince Ravanna Bey & the DPC in action!


 Drama Theater






 eta CREATIVE ARTS FOUNDATION seeks to be a major cultural resource institution for the preservation, perpetuation and promulgation of the African American aesthetic in the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois and the Nation. Toward this end, eta CREATIVE ARTS FOUNDATION, shall provide professional opportunities by way of training and performance for the development of both youth and adults as artists and technicians; sales for visual artists through the gallery and exposure for the general public to authentic, valid projections of African American lifestyles, experiences and aspirations.

Sammy Dyer School of the Theatre

The purpose of the Sammy Dyer School of the Theatre is to promote the progress of creativity and education in the performing arts as well as to assist children in receiving quality instruction in technique and dance appreciation.

In addition, we hope to bring together professionals and students interested in performing arts education by providing resources and the opportunity to realize their visions. We hope to preserve and develop the legacy of the African American dance traditions of the mid to late 20th century.

Arts and Craft


Onli Studios


Yumy Odom, the founder of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention presenting Turtel Onli with a 2006 Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement and dubbing him "The Father of the Black Age of Comics. 

Black Age of Comics Convention Onli Studios




 Zezel McKenzie

 Executive Producer  Mystic Vibes TV Chicago:Over 14 years as Executive Producer of the television program,  Mystic Vibes which airs on the CAN TV Network, Cable Channel 19 in Chicago, IL.   Also Writes, Directs, Edits and Coordinates Hosts and Talent. Has done extensive work featuring Caribbean festivals & Award Ceremonies.  Also produced several projects for the Jamaica Tourist Board in Jamaica West Indies,  Shore Bank Chicago IL, Women's Self Employment Project Chicago IL.  Mystic Vibes TV on You Tube, Mysticvibestv's Blog



United African Organization is a dynamic coalition of African community-based organizations that promotes social and economic justice, civic participation, and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees in Illinois.




Africa International House



 The mission of Africa International House is to serve as a center that exposes and educates all peoples to the individual works and collective contributions of African cultures.


Our mission is addressed through our flagship program, the African Festival of the Arts, and through other activities that promote African-based culture. Africa International House is an umbrella for linkages and exchanges of people from Africa and the African Diaspora.”  





kemetic Institute  

The Kemetic Institute reflects the renaissance of world history and provides a place where people visually link with there commonly shared past and their commonly shared cultures.  



  pan-african ssociation 


 Making a Difference

Since opening its doors, the Pan-African Association has served thousands of people in many ways:  people may have come to the Pan-African Association with issues concerning education, immigration, housing, employment, or a sense of dislocation in their community. Through our services, obstaclesare overcome, and hope is renewed, not only through the provision of services, but by providing a physical space for Africans and people of African descent to come together and support one another.



Shrine of the Black Madonna


 It is imperative that black Americans regain their cultural identity not only in order to affect a stable relationship between themselves and society, but also in order to survive as fully functioning people. In 1970, under Rev. Cleage’s direction, Barbara Martin (Cardinal Nandi) set about the task of creating a center for black culture and heritage, the Sudan Import Specialty Shop.



Chicago Cultural Centers 




Harold Washington Cultural Center 


 Located in Bronzeville, the cultural center features concerts, sound engineering courses, TV and radio broadcasting facilities, a computer resource library and plenty more having to do with arts and culture. Events on the program include laser light shows and a winter blues festival. The center pays homage to the late Chicago mayor with 40,000 square feet dedicated to culture and statue near the building's entrance.


African Dance



Minianka African Drum & Dance Ensemble

MINIANKA is a community of artists immersed in traditional West African music, song, dance and folklore. Rooted deep in the cultural essence of the Old Mali Empire, MINIANKA also focuses on the expression of this heritage in African American and
Caribbean Culture.

African Dance




Alyo Childrens Dance 

It is the mission of ALYO to maintain a youth-based performing arts-in-education institution. We offer performance and training in dance, song, and rhythm of the African Diaspora/world community. At ALYO, there is a high expectation regarding energy, enthusiasm and strength of character. ALYO performers and audiences experience a threefold cultural exchange-mental, physical, and spiritual--when participating in the drama of African dance theatre.


West Indian Folk Dance Company



After a decade of touring Europe, Baker returned home to Jamaica a relatively seasoned professional, and recognizing the need to create and maintain an authentic West Indian Dance company in his native hometown of Montego Bay, he took the challenge. In 1971, “Mr. Baker” founded and served as artistic director and choreographer of the Western Jamaica Folk Dance Co. which later evolved into the West Indian Folk Dance Company.

WIFDC eventually migrated to Chicago as part of a cultural exchange program in 1978, sponsored by the Jamaican government, and has become an integral part of the West Side Chicago community of Austin.

 Drama Theater




Chicago's Black Ensemble Theater 


The mission of the Black Ensemble Theater is to eradicate racism and its damaging effects upon our society through the utilization of theater arts. BE achieves its mission through productions and programs that perpetuate the history of the African American people, while reaching out to a cross-cultural audience and serving disenfranchised communities. 



 Arts and Craft



Lola's Paper House

 Welcome to the Paper House. As an artist for 35 years I found pleasure in my youth, creating paper dolls; outfitting them with the latest fashions and marketing them to the neighborhood children. House settings, names, characters and community were given to each doll to establish a fantasy-like environment. What was once a one dimensional doll format, is now a three-dimensional, visual art aid, used to recapture our childhood remembrances of endearing time gone by. Paper dolls, now take on a whole new perception and collection. The Paper Mache Community takes on life, in its pint-size, three dimensional, octagon forms, reflecting people of all sizes and walks of life. Lola is also a writer and has published several books that can be purchased online at



2009 Baba Tyehimba Mtu

Baba Tyehimba Mtu is a Master Drummer, Master Drum Maker and a Master Carver.  Being one of the three African Drum Carvers in the U.S., he is also in the first generation of Master Drummers in the U.S., and a Senior African Drummer in Chicago, with several unique styles of Afrikan Drumming (including playing polyrhythms on seven Drums and  playing multiple rhythms on one Drum).



The Women of Muntu Dance Theatre


The Chicago-based Muntu Dance Theatre performs authentic and progressive interpretations of contemporary and ancient African and African-American dance, music, and folklore. A colorful and dynamic Company, Muntu brings its audiences out of their seats and into the aisles with its unique synthesis of dance, rhythm and song.


Arts and Craft

Makeba Kedem-DuBose

One of the first five artists honored by Diasporal Rhythms in 2003, Makeba Kedem-Dubose studied interior design at Harrington College of Design. She has been an established Chicago-based, multidisciplinary visual artist, curator and arts educator for over 20 years. Her work has been featured in various publications and many private collections worldwide, notably African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond, by Daniel T. Parker, which features her art on the back cover. Poet Tara Betts also owns Makeba’s art and features it on the cover of her book Arc and Hue. Her art is included in the collection of Oprah Winfrey–inspired art works honoring the talk show host, A Time A Season, compiled by Janelle Dowell, cofounder of Black Art in America. Gallery owner Nicole Smith, fashion designer Barbara Bates, and DuSable Museum of African American History director Dr. Carol Adams also collect Kedem-Dubose’s art. (read more... )





Welcome to Natural Mystik reggae shop.

We offer a wide variety of roots and cultural products, ranging from reggae CDs/DVDs to Rastafarian clothing to various African arts and crafts. Visiting our store in Stone Mountain, Georgia is a uniquely mystical experience. Reggae, roots and culture pulses from our speakers, pungent incense accents the spiritual vibe, and the rhythm of Rasta Oneness throbs like a nyabhingi drum. On any given day you can sit in on Rasta and bredren reasoning by our juice bar, sipping roots drinks or cold, refreshing natural and organic juices, nyaming (eating) our fresh organic garden salads.


The Natural Mystik experience is a truly uplifting meditation- for the body, mind and soul!

Our Drumming Circle is a group of women who intentionally, informally drum and play other instruments (whistles, shekeres, tambourines, stringed instruments, etc.) together. Our Drumming Circle is free-form and improvisational. Most of our participants are not professional musicians. We drum in a circle. We are distinc...t from a professional drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance (although we have been called to perform at weddings, festivals, shows).

We meet in the home of Oroki Rice the third Sunday of each month. We open with free-style fellowship and close with light refreshments.

For more information contact Oroki: 312.369.0613 or 773.928.0321


Bob Marley


Nesta Robert "Bob" Marley, OM (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician. He was the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the ska, rocksteady and reggae bands The Wailers (1964–1974) and Bob Marley & The Wailers (1974–1981). Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience.

Marley's music was heavily influenced by the social issues of his homeland, and he is considered to have given voice to the specific political and cultural nexus of Jamaica. His best-known hits include "I Shot the Sheriff", "No Woman, No Cry", "Could You Be Loved", "Stir It Up", "Jamming", "Redemption Song", "One Love" and, together with The Wailers, "Three Little Birds", as well as the posthumous releases "Buffalo Soldier" and "Iron Lion Zion". The compilation album Legend (1984), released three years after his death, is reggae's best-selling album, going ten times Platinum (Diamond) in the U.S., and selling 20 million copies worldwide. (Read more)

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