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State Of Illinois Not For Profit Corporation

With The Name Allah,

The Beneficent, The Most Merciful,

El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute

A Non Profit Organization

In the State of Illinois this Not for Profit Corporation having submitted Articles of In-Corporation must abide by the laws that govern benevolent, charitable, and Non Profit Organizations. This corporation must also maintain the requirements of the United States Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Division’s regulations for Tax Exemption Section 501c(3). Maintain a United States Department of the Treasury Federal Tax Identification Number for its employees. This Corporation must legally assume its Corporate Name by registering it with the Cook County Clerk in the State of Illinois. Then as required under provisions of the State of Illinois this organization must make an announcement in a newspaper or magazine that it is in effect doing business under the stated corporate name. And in order to conduct its business of opening a Commercial Banking Account we are here by obligated to obtain a State of Illinois

“Department of Revenue Certificate of Registration for Occupational Retail Tax and Exemption”. And without exclusion conform to the ordinances applicable in the City of Chicago.

Section of the Code

1.This Corporation shall pay compensation in a reasonable amount to Directors, Officers, and Chartered Members for services rendered, including services as a director only, and may make distributions pursuant to Section 109.10 of this Act or upon dissolution or final liquidation as permitted by Article 12 of this Act.

a.The Board of Directors of this Corporation may make, distribution of its money, property, or other assets, other

than upon dissolution and final liquidation, subject to the limitations of subsection(d) of Section 109.10, only:

"No distribution under subsection (a) may be made if, after giving it effect:

(1) The corporation would be insolvent; or

(2) The net assets of the corporation would be less

than zero; or

(3) The corporation would be rendered unable to carry

on its corporate purposes.