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About Us
About Us is the page where you get more detail about our company and business. Focus is on our strongest points, whether history, licenses, or awards.

We are ABLE
Able, capable, competent all mean possessing adequate power for doing something. Able implies power equal to effort required: able to finish in time.Having sufficient power or resources to accomplish something: a singer able to reach high notes; We
are able to finish the project thanks to a grant from a large corporation.



We the Servants of Allah so as to maintain an equitable and mutual working relationship do here by the Will of Allah draft this Charter for Co-Operation, designed to establish the Ethical Principals and Moral Guide Lines in which each member of our community (Common Unity) by the Will of our Divine Creator, Allah may function within a reasonable degree of Human perfection.  


Our goal is to assure TRUSTWORTHY quality in our products and services offered to humanity in the way of Natural, Pure, and Holistic Health Solutions. While binding together the collective experiences and knowledge of the Spiritual Forces and Scientific Methodology through human excellence and GOD CONSCIOUSNESS submitting only to the Universal Law of Truth;  

      We do humbly and sincerely pledge an undying oath of allegiance to the Integrity of our deeds, the Creditability of our Character, and our Responsibility to civilized society, upholding The Natural Law in the Universal Order of Life we surrender to The Will of the Divine Creator, Almighty ALLAH!


Company history 

On April 15, 1976

El-Amin Life Productions LTD 

received it's Certificate of Registration from the State of Illinois Department of Revenue stating that it was authorized under the Retailers Occupation Tax Act to engage in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail in Illinois. This registration also covers any need for registering under the Use Tax Act. The Service Occupation Tax Act and The Service Use Tax Act.

On June 29, 1981

El-Amin Life Productions "Transcultural International Caravan

completed the State of Illinois Attorney General registration statement required by the Illinois Charitable Trust Act and "An Act to Regulate Solicitation and Collection of Funds for Charitable Purposes.

On September 8, 1997

El-Amin Life Productions "Cultural Institute" 

Submitted Articles of Incorporation to be Incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois that have been filed in the office of the Secretary of State as provided by the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of Illinois, in force January 1 1987 A.D.

On February 17, 1998

El-Amin Life Productions "Cultural Institute"

Received the Employer Identification Number assigned by the U.S. Department Of The Treasury Internal Revenue Service

On May 10, 2012

El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute

Established a line of credit with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank and was issued an INK VISA Credit Card in order to make authorized purchases and  payment of corporate expenses. 

On January 20, 2017

El-Amin Life Productions Cultural Institute

Opened the corporate business checking account at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank for the deposit of funds from grants, cash contributions and donations. This account is essential in the management of payroll and other fiduciary responsibilities.


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New Earth Team Slide Show



Music Appreciation Slide Show 

As guest speaker, Muntheru Shah introduces himself to Sisters On A Journey's The Power Of Your Story (Co-Ed, International Story Telling) group at The Historical Quaker House 5615 S Woodlawn Ave in Hyde Park Chicago, IL 60637

Life-Line is our attempt to share our knowledge and experience with other groups thereby strengthening the bond of community.

El-Amin Life Productions, Cultural Institute Treasurer John S. Fullman and President Muntheru S.M. Shah discuss ways and means towards maintaining financial responsibility. 

Life Time represents the effort that we put in building relationships relative to securing the future of this organization.


Build a CULTURAL INSTITUTE in the city of Chicago, Illinois, establish Cultural Awareness Centers throughout the city and neighboring suburban areas. In this process we intend to encourage, promote, support, and develop the Performing Arts; such as music, theater, dance, comedy and art. We will be involved in the production of programs, events, seminars, and activities designed to help uplift the economically disadvantaged. Our vision is to provide the resources necessary for the cultivation of the creative talents inherent in each individual that aspires to their highest abilities. We can have a facility that will provide for Artist In Residence, Academic Scholarship, Live Performance Stage and Theater, Rehearsal / Recording Studio,...etc.

How can we accomplish them?

It will surely require time, money, and a lot of dedicated work. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.



What does it take to do it?

We can start with small Fund Raisers that will generate the needed revenue for the daily operational expenses, while we acquire more experience to stage larger performances.

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To Join the New Earth Team just submit your information and we will contact you.

Working together with Denise Thomas Executive Director of Dance Group International Muntheru Shah offers advice and information to the newly formed Non-Profit Corporation.

Life Force, our out-reach efforts are designed to help in the development of other organizations and assist in the

achievement of our mutual goals.